You are now at the threshold of mystery.

Be prepared!

The following tales within the approaching book may cause you to experience belly-jiggling laughter.

But you are not alone, because I have traveled before you... to Discover, the much denied mysteries of "riding the goat!"


Suzi Shippy

Welcome, come and MEET the grand buck, Sir. William! He butts hard, and aims to please! But stand back, because when William hears the word “GO!” he puts on quite a show.

IMAGINE the experience of a secret initiation, and READ what happens when a seasoned Lodge member straps a candidate, upon William’s razor sharp back.

SHARE the THRILLS! When William first feels the novice’s grasping thighs around his ribs, he gets this wild-eyed look, and almost immediately, his eyes begin to scale the room. Next, William slowly lowers his head, and a split second later he’s off to a flying start. In a blast of stored energy, he races around in leaps and bounds, circling the Lodge room with the blindfolded, neophyte hanging on for dear life. In all of his dash and thunder, William then lunges over furniture, rips behind curtains, and backs the Lodge members against the wall, as he spins around in wild control, and slides across the checkered floor. Then when he senses his new blood brother can’t take it any more, William suddenly halts, takes aim, and pitches him into the air to a satisfactory landing.

ENJOY historical tales written firsthand from the pens of those who have been initiated and personally have "ridden the goat"

Learn about artist/illustrator Fremason C. M. Coolidge's
secret behind his famous painting,
(Along with his many other artistic achievements, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is also celebrated worldwide as the creative artist who painted the "Dogs Playing Poker" series.)

READ Sir William the Masonic Lodge Goat today, and I hope you have a bucking good time!

Attention: The texts, that make up this collection, have been used in their original form from old Masonic writings. You may see some variances in spelling or dialect... these variances were left unedited on purpose. The book also includes many photos and images.


Suzi Shippy

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How I made "The Discovery".

Read an excerpt of
Sir William's "Autobiography",
told as only he could bleat it out.

An episode of the secrets of The Lodge.




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